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Odor Control in the Dishwasher


affresh™ Dishwasher & Disposal Cleaner Keeps Your Kitchen Smelling Fresher Longer
Scours, penetrates and purges odor at the source
affresh™ Dishwasher & Disposal Cleaner is the first product of its kind designed to clean your dishwasher and disposal together. Activated by water, oxygenated bubbles circulate and remove odor on surfaces and in hoses and pumps. The solid tablets also scour stuck–on particles from chopping blades for an odor–free disposal.
Once-monthly maintenance can help remove odors caused mineral build-up

In 2010 all dishwasher detergents sold in the U.S. will be required to be phosphate–free. While this is very good for the environment, it may leave your dishwasher with more odor–causing mineral build–up than before. Only affresh™ Dishwasher and Disposal Cleaner is designed to remove odor caused by calcium deposits when used as part of a monthly maintenance program for your dishwasher.

 One package contains 6 treatments.   Watch Demonstration!

Sale price- $8.95