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How to Install a Dryer Cord


Typical 3-wire installation-


On the standard 3-wire cord, connect as shown.





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Typical 4-wire installation-



As the picture illustrates, the red and the black wires on the 4-wire cord go to the hot terminals (L1 & L2). It makes no difference which side they go on, as both carry a separate leg of 120 volts to make up the 240 volt circuit. Be sure the white wire goes to the neutral  terminal on the dryer! The copper ground strap is removed from the Neutral terminal in a 4-wire hookup. The extra green wire is a cabinet ground wire and can be attached to any nearby screw.


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Repairman's Note:

Always attach the strain-relief collar onto a cord and secure it to the cabinet where the cord exits. Since dryers are moved around more than other appliances for cleaning, etc., the cord needs to be safely fastened.


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