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Whirlpool Drive-coupling Replacement

If you spot black sooty shavings under the center of your washer, chances are the drive coupling is worn or broken.



You will need:

  • Whirpool Drive Coupling Kit -

    • Note: Whirlpool changed the original configuration of the coupling to this new style in an effort to improve the durability of the coupling. Your old coupling may have had smaller, more rounded ears on the 2 drive pieces. Metal inserts have been added to reinforce the shafts.

    Priced at $12.95  


    Repair Procedures-

    Tools you'll need:

  • a flat-blade screwdriver,

  • a 5/16 nut-driver,

  • a hammer,

  • and a 1/2"socket.

First, disconnect the power. Either remove the cabinet from the washer as described below, or simply lean the machine back against the wall and lay down to do this easy repair.

You will see the following three components from front-to-back:

1. Water pump
2. Motor
3. Transmission

The water pump has two spring clips which hold it against the motor shaft. These can be popped off by hand, or with a gentle pry of the screwdriver. (Do not remove the hoses or clamps) The pump will slide forward off the short motor shaft. You can then push the pump upward and out of the way by folding back the hoses and wedging it above you.
Next, you will see that the motor is held in place with two similar, but larger clamps.
drive coupling
There are two screws securing these to the base of the motor, which you will remove. Pop these clips off. Then you can rotate them 90 degrees to remove them. I suggest removing the plastic wiring harness from the motor by unlocking the little clip holding it down.
The motor can now be removed by wriggling it toward the front. Use the screwdriver blade to remove the old white plastic coupling from the motor shaft by prying under it gently. Facing you, on the transmission is the other plastic coupling, which you will remove.
In your drive-coupling replacement kit, there are three components:

(2) Couplings
(1) Rubber union

Place either of the two new white couplings on the transmission shaft with the teeth facing toward the motor. Use the 1/2"socket as a press, place it over the center of the coupling and tap it onto the shaft, taking care not to damage the three little prongs. Place the black rubber union over the prongs on the coupling you just installed. Now, tap the other coupling onto the rear shaft of the motor, prongs facing back toward transmission. The motor can now be re-installed, taking care to line up the three prongs with the remaining holes in the union. This can be helped by rotating the motor shaft slightly while holding it up to the coupling. Also, note that the four rubber caps on the motor mount must match up with the four indents on the frame. Once the coupling is engaged, apply the clips & screws to the motor. Hook up the wires, install the pump and you're done!

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