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Let's discuss Icemaker problems:       

When an icemaker doesn't work, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Is it getting water into the mold?

  • Is there power to the icemaker? (voltage check)

  • Check for cube lodged in ejector arm.

If no water is found in the mold:    

  1. Check water valve solenoid for continuity  with OHM meter
  2. .

  3. Look for frozen fill tube behind icemaker
  4. Check voltage at icemaker head. If voltage  is present and valve is OK, replace icemaker.




The newer icemakers look like this under the  cover:
Modular Icemaker

You must not try to turn the gear on this one, or it will be ruined! Instead, refer to the test holes on the front of the module. There is a diagram under most of the white plastic covers on the unit. Check voltage between L and N to verify voltage to unit. Jumper T to H carefully to see if the motor advances. If it does run while jumpered, the thermostat could be bad. If not, the module is bad.

Repairman's Tip-   For jumpering purposes, you can leave your voltmeter leads inserted into the proper terminals (T & H), then unplug the opposite ends from your meter and carefully touch them together. Remember, there is voltage here, so be careful!

This is the old Whirlpool style icemaker.

old style icemaker

You can actually advance a slot in the gear shown in red on the above diagram carefully in a counter-clockwise direction to prompt a harvest cycle, provided the unit has power. If the unit begins to spin on its own after a brief advancing, then the mold thermostat may be bad.


Newer Whirlpool Icemakers in the door-

These have optic sensors on either side of the door which monitor cube levels. The usual failure is one of these sensor boards. We have them in a kit of both the emitter and receiver boards, and we sell them cheaper than most any other site. If you have one of these refrigerators and would like to diagnose your icemaker, we'll even provide the service guide for you.

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