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Average Lifespan of Major Appliances

Repair costs for common problems- 

Updated 1-10-2010

Average Life Span In Years
Cost of New, Low, Mid, & High-End
Common Problems & Repair Costs With Parts & Labor
How New Models Have Improved Over the Last 10 Years or More
    Range (gas & electric)

    Igniter/surface burner won't heat ($225); Erratic thermostat ($250); Gas valve won't open ($295)

    Sealed gas burners to keep out spills; easier-to-clean surfaces on electric ranges; more self-cleaning models
    Refrigerator (top-mount or side-by-side)
    Replace door gaskets ($200); New defrost timer ($190); Malfunctioning icemaker/dispenser ($300); Compressor won't cool ($550)
    CFC-free sealed systems; improved energy efficiency (uses about 50 percent less than 1980 models); designed to offer more storage and easier cleaning.
    Clothes washer
    Water pump leaks, won't let water out ($175); Drive belt breaks ($155); Drive motor stops ($290); Transmission leaks, locks up ($395)
    Larger capacity; better cleaning performance; quieter operation; preprogrammed cycle selections; reduced water usage.
    Clothes dryer
    Drive belt breaks ($155); Worn door switch ($145); Heating element fails ($225)
    Larger opening; quieter operation; automatic dryness sensors to avoid over drying and to save energy.
    Water valve won't open ($175); Motor/wash system fails ($300)
    Quieter operation; reduced water usage; improved energy efficiency (33 percent less than 1972 model); more flexible interior design for easier loading; soil-sensing capabilities to customize wash cycle.

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