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Heating Issues with Dryers-

Gas Dryers-

1.Can you read 120 volts at the gas ignitor See Video

2Have you checked the thermal fuse with your OHM meter?   See Video

3. The thermostats must all show good continuity with your OHM meter.  How to Check Resistance/Continuity

4. If your ignitor lights up once or twice, then will not light, replace the gas valve coils.   See Video



Gas Burner Diagnostics


Electric Dryers-

  1. Is the circuit breaker thrown? Can you read 240 volts at the wall plug with your voltmeter? Don't go by breaker conditions, they lie!
  2. Are the wires at the power cord burned where they attach to the dryer?
  3. (2nd most common failure)
  4. With your OHM meter, check the electric heating element for continuity.
  5. Check all thermostats, fuses and the thermal cut-off for continuity.


Here's the typical components to check on an Electric Dryer- (Use an OHM meter)


Need a good meter to check all of this?

Click here for more info!


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