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My Dryer won't RUN!

Although all brands are different in design, the basic concept is the same. When a dryer won't run, there are several things to consider:
  • Is the circuit breaker thrown? Can you read 240 volts at the wall plug? (120 volts if gas)

  • Are the wires at the power cord burned?
  • (Very common)
  • Can you read continuity thru the door switch?
  • Check for a belt switch near the motor....this will cause the dryer not to run if open.
  • Have you checked the thermal fuse?    see video

Thermal fuses:



How to Check for Proper Voltage

How to check resistance/continuity


In the diagram to the right, all of the parts shown must show continuity using the OHM meter. If one item is open, the  dryer may not run or heat.

See Diagnostic Video


Need a good meter to check all of this?

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