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My washer won't Fill or Fills Slowly

Here are the most common reasons:


Although all brands are different in design, the basic concept is the same. Water comes into the machine by way of a water valve, or mix valve. When a machine won't fill, there are several things to consider:

Is the water hose kinked?

Could there be sediment in the screens of the hoses? Undo the hoses at each end to check.

Look into the valve at the back of the washer with the hoses removed. There are filter screens which could be clogged. They can be easily cleaned with a turkey baster. Use it as you would a baby syringe, sucking the sediment off the conical screens. Do not remove these screens for any reason!

Loose or broken wire to water valve? Always disconnect from power before inspecting!

If all else seems OK, the valve is probably bad. We have plenty in stock!

Test your water valve solenoids with your ohm meter-

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If you don't own a meter, you need one.  Save a fortune on simple diagnostics!

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