Shipping Details for Priority Mail:


We use the United States Postal Service as our primary shipper. They provide consistent service and tend to generate fewer damage claims than the standard shippers. Please read the following details to avoid any confusion as to what we mean by 2-Day shipping.



Frequently Asked Questions-

  1. How does 2-day shipping work?
  2. How do I track my order?
  3. Do weekends count as delivery days?
  4. What if I have not received my order?

How does 2-Day shipping  work?

2-Day shipping means that the Post Office will have the item on your location in 2 business days. If an order is placed before 12:00 CST, it will go to the Post Office for processing that same day. It will be delivered 2 days afterward, depending on the time ordered.

Examples of how to calculate your delivery: 


  • Ordered at 9:00 am on Monday
  • Dropped off at Post Office Monday for shipping
  • Delivered on Wednesday


  • Ordered at 1:00 pm Monday (after the 12:00 deadline)
  • Dropped off Tuesday morning for shipping
  • Delivered on Thursday


  • Ordered at 11:00 pm Wednesday night
  • Dropped off at Post Office Thursday morning
  • Delivered on Monday  (Sat. is not considered a business day)


All of the above examples demonstrate 2- day shipping, as defined by time of day and day of the week.

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How do I track my order ?

Orders over $35 in value are provided Delivery Confirmation by the USPS. We will send you an email containing the tracking number after we receive and process your order thru PayPal. For this reason, it is extremely important to provide the correct email address at the time of purchase. Without a correct email address, we cannot notify you of anything, especially delivery.


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Do Weekends Count as Delivery Days?


No, only Monday through Friday are considered business days. (The USPS is also discontinuing Saturday letter deliveries soon. )


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What If I Have Not Received My Order?


If your part has not arrived on the calculated delivery date, please advise us immediately at our email address. The contact information is in the email confirmation and receipt we sent you on the day of purchase. You can also use the tracking information that was provided to you to check the status of your order thru the USPS system to ensure it is being processed. On certain large items, it is not unusual for the USPS to hold the package at the Post Office for pickup. This is especially true for motors and other heavy items. In this case, they should notify you that same day of your delivery.



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