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My Dryer Gets Too Hot


Is there ANY lint in the vent hose or the wall exhaust outlet?   A restricted vent will quickly overheat the dryer. A restricted vent begins the overheating process by not allowing the heat to leave the machine well.

Are you using white plastic vent or thin foil type duct?  Only rigid metal or flexible metal duct should be used, according to manufacturers.


Are there kinks in the vent hose or obstructions in the outer damper?  Check the outside vent damper every couple of months.

Can you feel good air discharge from the exhaust?   The blower could be bad inside the dryer.

Other reasons for overheating can include:

1. Shorted heater coil-   See How-To Video

2. Bad operating thermostat    See How-To Video

3. Worn drum seals (felt seals in back & front)   See Video

As you can see, there are many things that can cause the same problem. For further tips, check our page on dryer venting to see if your exhaust  conforms to recommendations.