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Washer Inlet Hoses-

Commercial Grade from Whirlpool!

These  4 ft. hoses come color-coded and equipped with new washers at both ends. At these prices, it's economical to upgrade your old hoses now!

   Sold as a Pair$14.95  pr    


Universal Tub Wrench-

For removing the spanner nut on the inner spin basket. A must for performing tasks like tub seals, transmissions, or just for general cleaning and maintenance.

Fits every Kenmore, Whirlpool, Kitchen-Aid, Roper, Estate, Maytag (standard), and GE washer applications.

Price- $29.95      3 lbs.


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Washing Machine Drain Hose-

Designed to be kink-resistant and flexible. Graduated intake will fit every brand of washer, and can be coupled to your existing hose to provide a much greater reach.!   Over 6 feet in total length.

 Price- $15.95 


Glide N' Guard Floor Protectors

Makes moving heavy appliances easy and safe on floor surfaces!

Lifetime Warranty! Click the graphic for details.



Stainless Steel Inlet Hoses

Never worry about a burst hose again! Braided steel wrapper!


Sold in Pairs-  $22.00



affresh  HE Washer Cleaner -


Doesn't just mask the odors, it gets rid of the source of mold and odor!

Details Here

Snap-Ring Pliers

These are used for many blower wheels, drum rollers and idler pulleys on dryers. Contains both internal and external tips. Very useful tool, and priced right!

Bearing & Lubricating Oil

For all dryer maintenance and appliances. Telescopic nozzle for easy reach!


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