Dryer Venting Accessories

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PRICE- $10.95
8-foot kit

Do you have plastic or thin foil vent on your dryer?

Did you know that neither type is approved by ANY of the American manufacturers?

Upgrade that dangerous vent now! This kit contains semi-rigid metal vent which is easily adaptable to every installation. Duct will expand to a distance of 8 feet. Includes specially crimped ends to adapt to every 4" dryer outlet and wall outlet. Includes 2 steel clamps. Duct can be trimmed with ordinary kitchen shears for a custom fit. Improves drying times and reduces overheating of dryer.

100% Manufacturer and Builder approved!

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Flexible Metal Vent Kits-







Close Elbows for Dryer Vents-

Protect your exhaust duct from crushing & minimize clearance to the wall with these sturdy elbows. Rotates 360 for easy matchup to your duct run and can be joined together to form custom joints.  Fits all 4" dryer vents and fittings. Allows full airflow with minimum restriction. These are not your mama's elbows....  they have reinforced ridges along the back edges to keep the dryer properly spaced from the wall at all times.


Sale Price- $7.99


Basic Loop Kit-     

  This is the best standard upgrade kit for your dryer if you have thin foil or white vinyl duct installed. This kit is approved by all manufacturers of dryers  and is UL rated. Includes a pair of reinforced metal elbows, a 6-foot metal vent pipe and 2 clamps as shown. Elbows allow vent rotation to any angle. Makes an install a breeze!

                                       Sale Price- $34.50



Master Installers Kit- (over-the-top design)

                RATED #1 BY CONSUMERS!


This kit is the ultimate in safety and ease of installation. It will exhaust any gas or electric dryer to a distance of 8 feet from the outlet. Comes with 2 protective metal elbows, one of which is a close-fitting elbow,  a built-in coupling and 2 sections of our flexible metal vent . The vent will rotate in any direction. Can be assembled from the front of the dryer, and is a great solution for those hard to reach areas!

 (plus it looks buff!)

Sale Price- $29.95



Periscope Vent Kits-

For those of you with wall outlets which are just a wee bit offset with your dryer exhaust, this periscope vent could be a valuable asset! It telescopes from 0" to 5" offset, and allows you to keep the dryer 2.5" from the wall without worrying about a kinked vent hose.

Comes with complete instructions and a steel clamp.

Think of the drying problems this will cure by eliminating that old duct, not to mention the energy and space saving qualities.

0-5"       Sale Price- $16.95

Extra Long Periscope Vent Kits-

Here's some longer versions of the above vent kit, complete with clamp. They will extend from 0"-18",  18"-29", or 29-50" and allow you to place your dryer 2" from the wall!

0 to 18" Kit for $21.95 (non-reversible)



18" to 29" Kit for $27.95  (Can be reversed & extended)

29" to 50" Periscope for $39.95  (Can be reversed & extended)

How they work-

Repairman's Tip:  For those of you in condos or tight locations for your vent, simply get 2 of the 18-29" kits and attach one to the wall. With the dryer pulled out, attach the other kit to the dryer, then push the dryer back and connect the 2 kits together with the enclosed clamps easily from the top of the dryer!


Order yours today! We stock them all, ready to ship!

The manufacturer recommends using 2" metal tape at all joints to maximize air-tightness and assure a strong union. Better hardware stores or HVAC suppliers will have this.