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The Washing Machine- a technical but practical reference



Your washer is not as complex as it might appear. Electrically speaking, the washer is a fairly simple arrangement, having one main control, one main drive device and a simple fill valve and pump. Think of it as a big barrel with a brain.


As you can see from the illustration, the timer is in charge of all functions on the machine. It controls the voltage to a specific component at a chosen time during the wash cycle. Since each part can be isolated and tested, the process of diagnosis is usually quick and direct. Much like doctors use a process called “didactic reasoning”, appliance technicians do the same thing by ruling out what is not wrong with the appliance to locate a problematic part.


This is where the use of a volt/ohm meter is invaluable. More times than not, problems associated with lid switches, timers and valves can be easily checked with a meter to eliminate all doubt as to whether the part is bad or not. Having this simple tool at your disposal will save you hours of time wasted on guesswork, and waiting for a repair service to come.




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