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New Washer-Magic will eradicate lime deposits and soap scum from your washer. This new product can refresh your machine without spending big bucks on teardown.






Washer Magic works well in all machines, including front-loaders. Most odor and mold problems in front load machines can be avoided with the regular use of this product. Top loaders benefit as well, since this product cleans behind the inner tub and all of the wash system simultaneously! It will make a huge difference in the quality of your laundry results.

Requires no effort on your part.... just pour it in, and watch it go to work! Removes years of scale and deposits!


How does WASHER MAGIC work?

WASHER MAGIC, when circulated in the machine during the wash cycle, increases the solubility of lime scale build-up. The surfactant contained in the solution then dissolves soap scum and mineral deposits that are left behind during the normal operation of the machine. After the lime scale and deposits have been dissolved, they are flushed away by the normal rinsing cycle of the washer. At the end of the cycle, open the lid and see the results!

Regular price- $14.95

Sale Price- $12.95


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