11 Best Jobsite Radios and Bluetooth Speakers in 2021

Sometimes, the constant sound of drills and tools can be deafening and boring.

While some people may appreciate the sound of tools, others may find that they have better focus when music is on in the background.

Likewise, working in silence can be disinteresting and dull.

But what happens when you use a normal radio or Bluetooth speakers in a workshop? They aren’t designed for dust, debris, and potential impact. If you want to waste your money, go for it. 

You need a jobsite radio or bluetooth speaker. These devices are designed specifically for loud, messy, and dusty environments that don’t have access to plug points.

We understand the importance of adding some music and background noise to a workspace, which is why we have found the 11 best jobsite radios and Bluetooth speakers on the market. 

Let’s make work more enjoyable! 

Jobsite Radios

Bosch Jobsite Bluetooth Power Box PB360C

[amazon fields=”B015XPRYS2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If you want a device that works both as a jobsite radio and Bluetooth speaker, this is the product for you.

This Bosch Power Box functions as both – so you can stream both AM and FM frequencies to listen to radio stations or you could connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. 

Featuring four-way speakers and an included subwoofer, this radio can be placed anywhere in a workspace and can be heard from 360°.

The included subwoofer is a bonus, as it comes with separate bass controls and equalizer customization to adjust the bass levels. Awesome for those who like to listen to rock music!

This is a hardcore Power Box. Fitted with an aluminum and rubber roll cage, it is weather and dust-resistant for all types of outdoor use. It can be run by 18V batteries or a 120V AC outlet. 


  • Jobsite radio and Bluetooth speaker function for versatility 
  • Included subwoofer for good bass quality
  • Heavy-duty cage design for durability


  • Screen is small for showing song titles

[amazon box=”B015XPRYS2″]

Makita XRM05 Jobsite Radio

[amazon fields=”B01J3Z5PLQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Makita XRM05 is ideal for those who need to move their jobsite radio around their workspace due to its large and heavy-duty handle.

This is most beneficial for those working in a large outdoor environment, or for people who work with others who may want to enjoy some background music!

With two 3” side-firing speakers, this radio comes with 5 preset AM and FM buttons to browse through your favorite radio stations. It is also MP3 compatible for iPods and MP3 players, if you fancy playing your own music instead. 

This jobsite radio comes with a protective bumper to protect itself against dust, water, and debris. It can last up to 35 hours on an 18V Lithium-Ion battery (not included). 


  • Large handle is ideal for portability
  • Protective bumper prevents damage from dust, water, and debris
  • 5 preset AM/FM buttons and compatible with iPods and MP3s for variety of background sounds


  • Doesn’t offer Bluetooth connectivity

[amazon box=”B01J3Z5PLQ”]

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Jobsite Radio

[amazon fields=”B002MUAGL4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

As some jobsite radios can be bulky, large, and take up a lot of space – this is an ideal radio for those who need to save their workspace for their work.

Weighing only 5.15 pounds and 10 times smaller than other jobsite radios, this is a surprisingly durable jobsite radio. It is built with shock absorbent ABS polymer that protects the radio from anything – from dust to being dropped. 

This radio is run by an M12 Lithium-Ion battery and is completely cordless, which is ideal for outdoors workspaces – from workshops to woodland areas.

With weatherproof aluminum speakers, you can listen to a crisp sound quality regardless of the weather conditions. 

Suitably sized for sitting on a countertop, work vehicle, or a tree stump in a forest, this is an ideal compact jobsite radio. 


  • Compact and durable size is ideal for variety of uses
  • Ideal for tools that also use M12 batteries
  • Shock absorbent materials to protect from weather and debris


  • Small size means small buttons, which may be hard to press with gloves on

[amazon box=”B002MUAGL4″]

DEWALT DCR018 Jobsite Radio

[amazon fields=”B00EV1AUFO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If you already have 18V, 12V, or 20V DEWALT batteries, this jobsite radio is compatible with all of them.

It can also be plugged into a standard outlet, if the batteries aren’t available.

Fitted with a roll cage, this is a heavy-duty compact radio that is ideal for any workspace.

This radio comes with a 3.5mm Aux input that can connect to portable satellite receivers, MP3 Players, and it can charge smartphones.

There is also a handy device storage box to safely put whatever device you are charging through it – though it doesn’t charge tools. This product also  doesn’t have Bluetooth and cannot connect to an iPhone to play music without a converter.  


  • Compact and heavy-duty with protective roll cage design
  • Suitable for 18V/12V/20V batteries and cord option for versatility and portability
  • AM/FM functions as well as compatibility with MP3 Players
  • Device storage box included to keep devices safe


  • Does not charge tools or batteries 

[amazon box=”B00EV1AUFO”]

Makita RM02 Jobsite Radio

[amazon fields=”B01L8O0C8G” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This is the most compact jobsite radio on our list. If you’re looking for something to chuck in your work vehicle or backpack to locate to different jobs easily, this is the radio for you. 

Despite its size and light weight (only 1.7lbs), this radio is surprisingly hardcore. With two front facing speakers, it produces a rich stereo sound for up to 30 hours on a 12V Lithium-Ion battery.

Not only does it come with 10 preset AM and FM buttons, but it also comes with an aux port for connection to iPods and MP3s. 

If you happen to be working with people who don’t enjoy background music, it comes with an earphone jack to connect headphones – and the compact size means you can stick it in your back pocket for private listening. 


  • Lightweight and compact for the easiest portability
  • Earphone jack included for private listening 
  • Affordable for those on a budget


  • 12V battery doesn’t produce the best audio quality compared to 18V/20V batteries

[amazon box=”B01L8O0C8G”]

Milwaukee 2792-20 Electric Jobsite Radio

[amazon fields=”B00I6SMLIC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This jobsite radio is the most versatile product on our list. Not only does it work as a radio, but it also has Bluetooth connectivity and works as a device charger.

You can listen to your favorite radio stations or connect music from your phone whilst charging it at the same time!

With large speakers and a 40 Watt amplifier, the sound quality is immense and powerful. It’s not going to be quiet, so it’s probably best suited for large workspaces and for shared listening with other workers. 

The battery charger is what makes this so popular. It can charge any M18V battery without distorting the sound quality, as well as electronic devices such as smartphones at a fast rate.

It also has a heavy-duty and bulky design that features a roll cage to protect the radio from weather, dust, and debris. 


  • Equipped with 10 radio settings, Bluetooth connectivity, and an aux cord
  • Battery charge can charge batteries and electronic devices
  • Premium speakers and amplifier to produce rich audio


  • Volume knob is a “click” function, so adjusting the noise levels can be tricky 

[amazon box=”B00I6SMLIC”]

Jobsite Bluetooth Speakers

DEWALT 20V Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon fields=”B07JNKJ23Z” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Sometimes, listening to the radio can be boring as you wait for a song that you know (or like) to play. This DEWALT Bluetooth speaker is ideal for those who like to listen to their chosen music or podcasts whilst working! 

With a connectivity distance of up to 100ft, devices can be left on a worktop or connected to the auxiliary cord whilst you work. A smartphone can also be charged with the included USB charging port for all-day listening. 

This speaker comes with two 3” speakers and a bass reflex port to play high and low frequencies with a crisp quality. With a metal grille, this product is designed to resist damage from impact, debris, and dust. 


  • Smartphone can be left 100ft away or connected to the product to charge 
  • Bass reflex captures low frequencies at a high quality
  • Designed to prevent damage from impact


  • Will not charge a battery at the same time

[amazon box=”B07JNKJ23Z”]

Klein Tools AEPJS1 Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon fields=”B01N8TMMK5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Sizing only a few inches, this is the smallest Bluetooth speaker on our list.

Whilst its size may limit the connectivity range to 10 metres, there is also a wired auxiliary input option for those who prefer to keep their devices close to the speaker. 

This jobsite Bluetooth speaker is equipped with a rear magnet to hold it to metal surfaces – great for if you have a habit of misplacing things! It is designed to be dropped up to 2 metres with its rugged and compact design. 

Something this speaker offers that other Bluetooth speakers don’t usually have is a built-in speakerphone. Take your work call hands-free without having to disconnect the speaker from your phone!


  • Equipped with magnet to stick to metal surfaces
  • Compact design is easy to transport around workplaces
  • Hands-free calling option with built-in speakerphone


  • Small size means volume isn’t as powerful as other speakers

[amazon box=”B01N8TMMK5″]

W-KING D8 50W Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon fields=”B07WNZS2FR” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

As small as this speaker may be, it is packed with power. It is fitted with double 25 Watt drivers and bass radiators to produce a deep, rich, and clear sound quality.

The subwoofers provide the low frequency bass sounds that are so often forgotten in Bluetooth speakers. 

This speaker can connect to smartphones, PCs, TVs, and anything with Bluetooth connectivity with a range of up to 33ft.

It comes with a 3.5mm audio jack to connect devices. This product also comes with a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. 

Not only this, this speaker is equipped with a 8000mAh power bank that can charge electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, or cameras.

It also comes with a handle for easy transportility and has a rugged design that is ideal for workspaces. 


  • Powerful double drivers and subwoofers for rich sound quality
  • Built-in power bank to charge electronic devices
  • Heavy-duty, rugged design to resist damage from dust and impact


  • Can be very loud, so try not to disrupt the neighbors or your clients!

[amazon box=”B07WNZS2FR”]

Makita XRM08B Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon fields=”B01JRN1MNE” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If you work at a particularly harsh working environment, surrounded by dust and debris, this is an ideal jobsite Bluetooth speaker.

Equipped with protective bumpers and a dust-resistant construction, this speaker can resist damage from dust, debris, impact, and water. 

Run by an 18V Lithium-Ion battery, this speaker can wirelessly connect to mobile devices for up to 31 hours. It has an auxiliary cord option which can last up to 32 hours.

This product is also equipped with a handy USB port for charging mobile devices, so you can listen to music or podcasts for extended periods of time. 

The sound quality is good, as the speaker comes with a woofer and tweeter to create a crisp audio of both high and low frequencies. 


  • Rugged and heavy-duty design is ideal for intense work environments
  • 18V battery charges quickly and offers up to 32 hours of use
  • Equipped with woofer and tweeter for good sound quality


  • Directional speaker will be quieter when faced away from listeners

[amazon box=”B01JRN1MNE”]

AOMAIS Go Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

[amazon fields=”B071H8MJ99″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This Bluetooth speaker is ideal for workspace and entertainment environments, such as the beach or camping.

This speaker is waterproof and can be immersed up to 33 feet for 30 minutes! This also means it is snowproof, mudproof, and dustproof. 

The Bluetooth connectivity is compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers, and televisions. It comes with a built-in microphone for hands-free communication.

With 40W of sound from two drivers, tweeters, and passive radiators, this speaker is designed to prevent distortion to create clear audio. It can also be paired with other speakers to create 80W stereo surround sound. 

This speaker can last up to 40 hours with a rechargeable battery, and is equipped with an emergency power supply for when the battery dies. 


  • Waterproof to withstand large amounts of water and snow
  • 40 hours battery life for extended use
  • Great sound quality with drivers, tweeters, and passive radiators


  • Bass quality isn’t as powerful as other speakers

[amazon box=”B071H8MJ99″]

Buyer’s Guide

Factors to Consider When Looking For a Jobsite Radio/Bluetooth Speaker

While we wish we could give you a description of the perfect jobsite radio or Bluetooth speaker for everyone, unfortunately, it does all come down to personal preference.

Different people will have different uses and expectations. Here is what to consider before buying a jobsite radio or Bluetooth speaker!

Ways to Use a Jobsite Radio/Bluetooth Speaker

The first thing to do is consider why and how you intend to use a radio or Bluetooth speaker. Do you work in a loud and hectic workspace with other workers?

Do you want some background music to listen to while woodworking in a workshop? Do you work in a vast outdoor environment? 

The conditions in which you intend to use a radio or speaker will determine a range of factors to consider.

Large and bulky devices will provide a louder sound, which is ideal for large workspaces with other people who want to enjoy background music.

Smaller devices are most ideal for portability and for providing audio to less people. 

How noisy is the equipment you use? Is the device likely to come into contact with water? Are there risks of damage from falling devices? 


Fortunately, jobsite radios and Bluetooth speakers are designed for environments where damage is likely to occur.

It’s not recommended to use regular radios and speakers, because they simply don’t have the protection or audio power to work in workspaces.

These devices are built to be heavy-duty, and often come with a cage design to add an extra layer of protection to the speaker. 

Some devices are waterproof, while others are only water-resistant. Most devices are equipped to resist dust and debris, and others can be dropped from a certain height without breaking. 

Battery Compatibility 

Some devices will come with a battery, and others will not. You will need to be aware of the type of battery the device is compatible with. Most speakers and radios work with an 18V Lithium-Ion battery as these charge the fastest. 

Others can work with 12V batteries, but keep in mind that the audio quality will not be powerful enough. 20V battery-run devices are often more expensive, but provide the most power. 

Fortunately, most devices come with an AC adapter to connect the radio or speaker to a standard outlet. This is handy for when the battery isn’t charged. 

Audio Quality 

The most important factor is the audio quality. We recommend looking for devices with multiple speakers that can project sound around a room at 360°. Of course, this isn’t achievable for small speakers, so keep this in mind. 

The other key things to look out for are subwoofers and tweeters. Subwoofers produce the low frequency sounds from the bass, and tweeters control the high frequencies. Both are vital for providing the best audio quality. 

A subwoofer can be purchased separately if the device is not equipped with one. Also, the higher the Wattage of the speaker, the more powerful the device will be! 

Audio Input

Jobsite radios will offer between 5-10 presets for AM and FM options. Bluetooth speakers primarily offer wireless connectivity via devices.

There are some radios that offer Bluetooth connectivity as well as AM/FM options, which is incredibly versatile. 

When looking for Bluetooth speakers, make sure to consider the range a device can be played from for the connectivity to work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the loudest jobsite radio? 

From our research, the loudest jobsite radio is the Milwaukee 2792-20 Electric Jobsite Radio. Equipped with premium speakers plus a 40W amplifier, this device can produce loud and clear audio quality.

This is most ideal for loud and large workspaces that require a powerful radio that can work over machinery and tools. 

It also comes with 10 AM/FM presets and Bluetooth connectivity for versatile audio listening.

However, users should be aware that the volume is controlled by a clicking system rather than a rotating dial, so some may have trouble adjusting it to the ideal volume. 

Which Dewalt radio has the best sound?

The Dewalt DCR018 Jobsite Radio is the best Dewalt product for sound quality. Compatible with 12V, 18V and 20V batteries, it can provide a range of powerful audio.

Not only does it offer AM and FM presets, but it also offers auxiliary audio through a cord which can connect to other devices such as an MP3. Connecting this radio to a 20V battery will provide the best sound quality. 

Does Dewalt radio charge batteries?

It depends on the product, because some Dewalt radios do charge batteries and others do not.

You will need to check which ones can and cannot charge batteries, and which batteries can be charged.

Unfortunately, the best quality Dewalt radios do not charge batteries while working as this can distort and affect the sound quality. 

Does Makita radio charge batteries?

This depends on the product, as some Makita radios do have the ability to charge batteries whilst others do not. However, the majority of Makita radios cannot charge batteries while working.

This is because some products do not come with an AC input as they are wireless. 

Most Makita radios do offer charging options for devices such as smartphones via a USB port. 

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