How to install a Dryer belt.

How to install a Dryer belt.

This pertains to Whirlpool, Kenmore, Roper and Kitchen-Aid dryers:

  Whirlpool Dryer by The Virtual Repairman
Illustrations by George Retseck   

-Opening the dryer
-Installing the belt
-Finishing Up
-Step-by-step photos

If you hear a loud bang while your dryer is working, and you notice that the drum has stopped turning, chances are the drivebelt has snapped. Fortunately, replacing the belt is a fairly straightforward operation that can be handled with a few simple tools. I’ll show you how the job is done on a Whirlpool or a Sears Kenmore gas dryer. The procedure is much the same on an electric dryer.

Opening up the dryer

First, unplug the dryer. Lift the lint-screen cover and pull out the lint screen (Fig. 1). If your dryer has a lint screen on the inside of the door, skip this step. Then remove the two screws that are under the cover (Fig. 2). To unlatch the dryer top, insert a thin-blade putty knife between the top and front panel, about 21/2 in. in from one corner (Fig. 3). Push in on the knife to release the locking clip, lift the corner, then release the clip on the other side. Swing the top up and lean it against the wall.

Next, move to the lower toe panel. Slip the putty knife between the lower panel and the door panel at one side and twist the knife to release the clip (Fig. 4). Then release the opposite clip and lift the panel up and off the hinge springs. To support the dryer drum while the belt is being replaced, place scrap wood under the front of the drum (Fig. 5).

Loosen the two screws at each side of the bottom of the front panel about 11/2 turns (Fig. 6). Move to the top of the panel and remove the screws from the inside of the cabinet that hold the front panel to the sides (Fig. 7). Slide the old belt off the drum.

Installing the belt

Lean the front panel out slightly and allow the drum to rest on the scrap wood support. Drop the new dryer belt between the front panel and

the drum, and loop it over the drum (Fig. 8). Then, lift the drum slightly while pushing the front panel back into position.

Replace the screws at the top inside of the front panel, tighten the lower panel screws and remove the scrap wood from under the drum. Check to make sure that the rear drum seal fits properly over the lip on the rear bulkhead (Fig. 9). Position the new belt where the old belt was, with the grooved side of the belt facing down (Fig. 10).

Now, move to the motor area and pull out the old belt. To route the new belt around the idler and drive pulley, first pass the entire belt, doubled up, under the idler pulley. Then, push the idler belt toward the motor, slip the belt around the motor pulley and release the tension on the idler pulley (Fig. 11).

Finishing up

Open the dryer door and rotate the drum counterclockwise a few times to make sure the belt is tracking properly (Fig. 12). Lower the top and press down at each corner to engage the clips. Lift the lint-screen cover, replace the two screws and reinstall the lint screen. Finally, secure the lower front panel and turn on the dryer for a test run.

Step-by-step photos

1– Prepare for replacing the dryer belt by lifting the lint-screen cover on the top of the dryer. Then remove the lint screen. Skip this step if your lint screen is inside the door. Remove the 2 Phillips screws inside the door instead.
2– After removing the lint screen, lift the cover and remove the screws that hold the lint-screen housing to the dryer top.
3– Slide a putty knife between the front panel and the top near a corner. Lift the corner and repeat on the other side.
4– To remove the lower panel, insert the putty knife between the panel and each side. Then twist to release clip.
5– Place a few wood blocks under the drum. These support the drum when the front panel is moved away from the sides.
6– Loosen the screws that secure the bottom of the front panel to the dryer sides. Do not completely remove the screws.
7– Remove the screws that secure the front panel to the dryer sides at the top. These are accessed from the inside of the cabinet.
8– Lean the front panel away from the sides and slip the new dryer belt over the drum. Then resecure the front panel.
9– Check that the lip on the back of the dryer drum fits properly against the seal on the rear bulkhead of the dryer.
10– Locate the original position of the old belt, and slip the new belt in place. Keep the grooved side of the belt down.
11– Push the idler pulley toward the motor and loop the doubled-up belt around the idler pulley. Slip belt around motor pulley.
12– Rotate the drum counterclockwise a few turns to check belt tracking. Then replace remaining components and test run.

Watch a nice video demonstration!

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