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-Treat spots and stains as soon as possible. Use a warm water soak for greasy, oily stains and a cold water soak for protein stains. Thirty minutes soaking time is sufficient, followed by a wash cycle to complete the cleaning. If the stain should remain, repeat the procedure before drying.-For best laundering results, be sure to add detergent to the washer before you add the clothes.

-Washers which move the water through the clothes instead of the clothes through the water, provide thorough cleaning with less wear and tear on clothes.

-The amount of suds in the washer is no indication of the detergent’s cleaning power. In fact, some of today’s detergents are formulated to create less suds.

-Always use more water than you think you need, unless you have a front-loading machine. If the load cannot circulate properly, the clothes will fray and will twist up around the agitator. This causes wear on the agitator seal, and consequently, oil spots on the load. Water is still fairly cheap…clothes and washing machines are not.

-Never purchase so-called alternative laundry products. Officially sold under names like: “Euro-Wash Laundry Ball”, “Laundry Super-Globe”, Laundry Clean-Ring”, “Laundry Solution”, and the “Laundry CD”!! These are money-making schemes of the biggest nature, and none of their claims are substantiated! You would do as well to use plain water!

Letter from Customer:
Thank you so much for the help your site provided me with repairing my Kenmore washing machine. You were right on the money! My washer would not spin so I followed your directions to replace the coupler. It runs like a charm. Sears would have charged me $65 for the visit alone then parts and labor (not to mention I would be 10 days until they showed up). I did it in 2 hours including going to Sears to get the part! Thank you again. If I do need parts for my appliances in the future, I will buy them from you!Regards, Michael J.

A Repairman’s Look at Washing Machines


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Here are some common complaints, along with things to check:

    • My washer won’t drain
    • Won’t spin
    • Won’t fill
    • Slow Fill
    • Won’t stop filling
    • Won’t agitate
    • Fills and drains simultaneously
    • Hard Water Issues
    • Oil stains on the clothes
    • Neptune Questions & Answers
    • Detergent Recommendations
    • How to Rid Your Washer of Soap Scum & Lime Stains
    • Whirlpool Direct Drive Breakdown
    • Prevent your washer from moving around
    • Protect your floors when moving appliances
    • Tools and AccessoriesRepairman’s Tip: Always check the control panel or under the front panels of your washer for the technical information sheet provided by the manufacturer. In many cases, this data can assist you in determining the problem.

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