Simple Weekend Home Improvement Projects (To Add Value)

weekend home improvement projects

Check out these easy to do weekend home improvement projects that will add value. If you are looking to add more value to your home check out these ideas I tell my new real estate listings to consider and is powerful when you reach crunch time before you put your house on the market.

Most people think that in order to increase the property value, they will need to spend thousands of dollars to get about the same in returns. However, there are some projects that truly raise the value of your home without breaking the bank. These projects are simple, some are inexpensive, and all of them will raise the value of your home.

Here are 8 simple ideas you could do yourself to add more value to your home.

Resurface the Driveway & Garage

One great way to increase the value of your home, and improve the overall appearance of your house is to resurface your driveway and garage floor. You may end up having to choose which of these will be more effective for you because together, these may take longer than a weekend. All you need to do is buy sealant or concrete mix to get started. It may be helpful to first power wash the area you are sealing or resurfacing and then allow it to dry so that you don’t seal in or resurface over the top of dirt, grit, and gunk.

In some instances, this will increase the value of your home, but this is not always the case. Some people are willing to pay a little extra for a nice garage while others don’t mind an unfinished type of garage. However, the right person may pay quite a bit more for a garage with a resurfaced floor.

Resurfacing Durability & Costs

For example, if you want to resurface your garage with epoxy, then you will probably spend a day or 2 getting it finished and around $100-$400 on the epoxy and equipment. If you would rather just have it all done professionally it will cost somewhere in the range of $1,500 to $3,000 dollars. That is just one example though, you could also just buy a new bag of concrete mix and add a layer on top of any cracked or bumpy concrete you already have.

Sealing the asphalt leading up to the garage will also be helpful. It will add a sleek look to the asphalt and help it to stick around for the 25-30 years asphalt companies claims it lasts. Factors to consider are drainage and root management. Be sure to fix any cracks or flaws before you seal over it though. As a matter of fact, asphalt driveways are supposed to be sealed about every 3 years after the first 6 months of their existence. During those first 6 months, it should not be sealed because the oils will still be evaporating off, causing the driveway to harden.

Mini Kitchen Remodel

While maybe you are thinking that a kitchen remodel is not quite an easy task, there are a few things in the kitchen you can do to spruce it up a bit and add a new level of beauty to your kitchen. Doing a good, thorough cleaning is a great place to start. Once everything is sparkling, you can take a good look at which areas will benefit the most from a fix or replacement.

A really great idea is to add a nice tile backsplash to the area behind the kitchen sink or stove. Many home improvement stores offer a great variety that will help to maintain a clean look while also tying your kitchen together. You can find any number of backsplash options at Home Depot or other popular stores then install them yourself in no time at all. Prices ranged from about $2.50-$15 per square foot in our recent Home Depot search.

If your cabinets are looking a bit rough, you are also more than welcome to give them a fresh coat of paint. Making them all the same color and grain is very appealing. It may also be helpful to match all the knobs, hinges, and handles. Also ensure that the faucet is in working order. Good-quality kitchen faucets can be found for a relatively cheap price and can easily add a new level to your kitchen.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms seem to land in two categories, good or bad. You will definitely want your bathroom to land in the best category (both for your sake and everyone else’s). This may require you to replace a few things in them to make them look better. That may include replacing the floor or adding new baseboards. It could also be replacing the countertop and getting a new mirror and faucet.

Look around the bathroom to see what looks the worst and start there. In most cases, that should not cost you more than $500, but that amount should let you be proud of your bathrooms. Consider your guests and how a remodeled bathroom will attract home buyers one day.

Another very appealing thing in a bathroom is matching knobs and handles. A simple trip to Home Depot can have you equipped with these in no time at all. It will have a very low cost and little effort. But it will brighten up the space and make it look more uniform and neat.

Repaint Some Rooms

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There is nothing like grabbing a few paintbrushes and paint buckets then getting to work on a interior walls. People like to start off in a house that has neutral-colored walls that will match whatever furniture they may have. It also doesn’t cost very much money, only a chunk of time, patience, and preparation.

All together it will only cost around $150 to repaint the average room and you will be able to revamp a drab room into something that’s so much more beautiful and appealing. Fill in all the holes and cover the scratches on the wall before painting. Take off light switch covers and electric outlet covers saves a mess. A high-quality brush is worth the expense. If possible, it is probably best to go with a neutral color scheme that unifies the entire house.

In addition to painting the walls, you could also add some crown molding which will add a bit of decorative flair to the tops of the walls. It really accents any painting job. According to a 2017 survey from the National Association of Realtors, about 68% of realtors recommend painting walls, and 62% recommend paint touch-ups at the minimum. So this is tried and true advice. All the more reason to grab some paint and get to work!

Upgrade Curb Appeal

You may be wondering about what your home’s curb appeal is, and how you can improve it. Curb appeal is the visual view that people will get as they look at your home from the street. As you imagine that view, you will see the front door, normally a window or two, as well as a porch, steps, a deck, maybe some flowerbeds, and the front portion of the lawn. Each of these things are essential when your begin to market your home. It is the first impression you will be giving not only to buyers but also the real estate agent.

A great way to begin upgrading your curb appeal is to clean off the siding on the house. Mud stains on lower siding and green mildew are common on most homes. A pressure washer or even just a soapy soft-brush with some water will help to improve the overall exterior with a good cleaning. You may be surprised how many houses look as though they got a fresh paint job but really only received an exterior cleaning.

Messy gutters are an eyesore as well. Nasty wet leaves piled up look bad and can cause rotting wood on your exterior trim work. There are many products on the market to clean out your gutters. However, the surest way is by hand on a ladder. This is dangerous work, so if you don’t feel safe with heights it is well worth hiring someone to do the gutter work. Gutters can also be cleaned out with the help of a small blower or with a power washer, but that is often a messy method.

Doors and Porches

Your door is also a major selling point. Take a good look at it and decide what you can do to either improve it or see if it needs to be replaced. A steel door or a fiberglass entry door are some of the top ways to increase home value because of their ability to stop airflow and eliminate cracks around the door. You can buy a pre-made door and door jam or you can get your own and put it together.

It should be pretty simple to get the old door measured and removed and start making prep for the new door which is also simple to install. Adding weather stripping to and painting the existing front door can also go a long way!

If you want, another great small addition to a front porch are a few potted or hanging plants. A simple wreath on the door is a nice touch too. Each of these things makes your home look cozier and attracts more buyers. While the interior of your house matters a lot to buyers, the first thing they will like or dislike is your front entryway.

While this is more expensive, and not quite as simple, adding on a deck is actually a great way to raise your property value. The addition of a deck is important because you are able to add more square footage to the house. But without enormous costs you would incur with other room additions. A composite deck increases the value the most, but other types of deck can help as well.

Install a New Garage Door

In addition to the other things we mentioned to help improve curb appeal, you can also get a new garage door or at least make sure yours is looking good. Make sure that it functions correctly and pop out any dents or dings that may have happened over time. An old garage door is actually a safety hazard that often leads to more frequent home accidents. Plus, a new one means that you can get a new garage door that matches the rest of your house and impresses people driving by.

Depending on the size of your garage and other circumstances, your price will vary. But on average a garage door should cost about $1,200 to $2,500. Home Depot’s lowest priced garage door is currently $558. This project will boost your property value about the same amount it costs to do it. Because it will add to the appearance and help reduce the flow of air in and out. It is a great addition for a great price!

Add Insulation to the Attic

By adding loose-fill fiberglass insulation to your attic, you will not only lower the cost of your heating and air conditioning but also raise the value of your house. This is quite a hard job but is can done in one or 2 days with the right equipment and preparation. It may be helpful to grab a buddy and get to work, but you will be pretty tired afterward.

Though it takes lots of work, sweat, and dust, it will only cost you around $500. But will save you up to $1000 in heating and air conditioning bills and make your home be more energy efficient. Professionals will charge you closer to $1,500 to $2,000 and up, depending on the size of your home, but maybe that is the better option for you. Your heating bills should drop as much as 15-25% just by doing this one project.

Depending on where you live, it may be incredibly helpful to do this project because of the cold winters and hot summers. In other places, it may not make too much of a difference. If you do end up doing the project though, be sure to research it thoroughly and don’t forget essential steps like adding vent chutes, sealing all holes, and making the insulation level and uniform. Each of these will aid in its ability to increase the value and comfort of your home.

Upgrade Appliances

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Nobody wants to move into a house that has an unreliable dishwasher or a dryer that squeals every time it runs. New appliances also improve the look of your home and can help tie the color scheme and everything else together. Some of the appliances you could consider installing are:

  • Dryer
  • Washing Machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Oven/Stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave

Obviously, this may be a more simple task, but it will take a lot more money and you will have to sell or get rid of the previous appliances. Be sure to look around and make sure that all your appliances are in working order before you decide which ones to upgrade. If you can’t afford to buy new ones right now, there are used appliance stores which often offer a warranty. Or you could at least give your old appliances a good cleaning and help them shine like new.

In the end, it is whatever works best for you! There are so many simple projects you can do to add value to your home, so it is just a matter of choosing which one will make the most difference to your home and family. Some are more expensive while others are more cost-effective. So look into which one will work best for you.

Dean Luoma

As a long-time homeowner, Dean has been working on his own home projects for over 30 years. He is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Minnesota, helping clients with the buying and selling of their homes.

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