What is the Average Lifespan of a Refrigerator?

What is the Average Lifespan of a Refrigerator?

Purchasing a refrigerator will often cost a lot of money. So, you want to make sure that you’re getting something that will last a long time. But when will you need to replace your refrigerator? I wasn’t sure, so I did some research. Here’s what I discovered.

The average lifespan of a refrigerator is 10 to 13 years. This range will depend on the type of fridge you purchase. The best way to extend the life of your fridge is by regular maintenance. By doing this, some fridges have been able to last for 20 to 30 years.

There are a few things that you need to know to predict how long your fridge will last. For example, the type of model that you purchased and how well you maintain it will both play a role.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you need to know to make sure that your fridge will last for a long time.

What Type of Refrigerators are There?

There is no one type of refrigerator. There are multiple varieties. Let’s begin by briefly looking at each type and what makes them unique.

First, you have the top-freezer. This is one of the most popular designs. In this case, you’ll have the freezer section on top and the freezer section underneath. This tends to be one of the cheapest models, making it perfect for people who are shopping on a budget.

Next, there is the bottom-freezer. This is the reverse of the top-freezer. The freezer section is on the bottom while the fridge is up the top. Most people find that this is the more convenient option, as it puts the freezer section at eye-level. These also tend to be fairly inexpensive.

Another popular option is the side-by-side. In this case, the unit will have two doors. One will be the freezer section, the other will be the fridge. Though this might save space, it might also limit the amount of food that you’ll be able to store. Despite this, it’s a great choice for people on a limited budget.

The French freezer is quickly becoming the most popular model. It has a large bottom-freezer. But the fridge component has two doors. These units also tend to be larger, allowing them to store more food. They also tend to allow you to adjust the shelving, to better suit your needs.

While these are the most conventional models, there might be times when you need a more specialist fridge. For example, you can use a minifridge. This is designed to be small and compact. This makes them the perfect choice to slot under a bench or use for an outdoor bar. Another intriguing option is a freezer less fridge. This will give you the most amount of space. It’s ideal for people who have a separate space for frozen food.

It’s also possible that you might want to install a wine fridge. This comes with racks that are built to cradle the bottles, keeping them at the perfect temperature. This will ensure that the wine lasts for a long time.

Finally, you might want to use a commercial fridge or freezer. These are designed for restaurants. They might have a glass door, to allow customers to see what’s inside. In other cases, they will be very large, storing all the ingredients are needed to prepare the food.

It should be noted that there is even more variety. Within each of these categories, there will be multiple models to choose from. Each one will offer a slightly different mix of features and can incorporate a range of price points. To find the right model for you, it’s best to spend some time researching what’s available.

How Long Does Each Type of Refrigerator Last?

As we’ve seen, there are plenty of refrigerator options on the market. Each of these will have a slightly different lifespan. To make it easier for you to find how long your model will last, we put together this table.

Fridge TypeAverage Lifespan
Side-by-Side Fridge10 to 12 years
Top-Freezer Fridge7 years
Bottom-Freezer Fridge7 years
Wine Fridge5 to 10 years
Commercial Fridge10 to 20 years
Minifridge4 to 12 years
Refrigerator Lifespan By Type

It should be noted that these are only averages. As we’ll discuss later, if you take care of your fridge, performing regular maintenance, it might last longer. It’s not usual for some types of fridges to last for 20 years. In some cases, they might even be able to last for 30 years.

Likewise, if you mistreat the device, it might break down sooner than expected. Cheaply-made devices tend to break down faster.

Because of this, you should read the reviews before you make your purchase. This will give you a good idea of some of the problems that you might expect.

How Long is the Warranty Period on a Refrigerator?

The warranty on your refrigerator can often vary slightly between brands. For example, most Samsung models will be two years. On the other hand, a Frigidaire typically comes with a 10-year parts warranty. Most models, though, will offer a warranty of between one to two years.

If you are unsure whether or not your device is covered by a warranty, there are some ways that you will be able to check. First, check the owner’s manual. You might also want to talk to the person who sold you the device. It can help to record when you made the purchase, so you know when the warranty starts.

In some cases, you might want to purchase an extended warranty. This will be an additional expense. But it can give you some additional peace of mind.

In some cases, these extended warranties might last for an extra five years.

If the device is covered by a warranty, you’ll need to call the manufacturer when you have a problem. They’ll be able to help you solve it. They will often send round their repairman to fix it.

You’ll only need to pay the call-out fee. The manufacturer will be responsible for the rest. If the defect is serious enough, they might even provide you with a new fridge.

Whether or not you’ll be able to claim the warranty will vary. You will need to have been using the fridge in the intended ways. You’ll also need to have been maintaining it properly.

This is especially important for an extended warranty. If the manufacturer can show that lack of maintenance caused the problem, they might be able to void the warranty. When this happens, you’ll be responsible for paying for the repairs yourself.

What are Some of the Most Common Refrigerator Problems?

In most cases, your fridge will keep humming along nicely. But there are some times when it might start to act unusually. These are some of the things that you shouldn’t ignore.

First, you might notice that your refrigerator is consistently running, but the temperature is rising. You can easily test this by putting a thermometer into the fridge.

This will let you record the temperature. You also notice that the food is spoiling more rapidly than it ordinarily would. If this is a problem, you might need to check the condenser coils. When the coils start to fail, it will make it harder for the fridge to maintain a consistent temperature.

Another warning sign that the condenser coils might be dying is that the fridge is making an odd noise. It might also be making an unpleasant oily smell. When it’s working properly, the fridge should be odorless and should only produce a low humming noise.

If you have a freezer, you’ll need to monitor the amount of ice that is building up inside the unit. This can sometimes make it harder for you to get the items that you need.

If you spot this, the first thing that you’ll need to do is defrost the freezer. This will often remove the ice build-up. Most modern freezers will allow you to do this automatically. If it re-occurs quickly, you might have a more serious problem that warrants further investigation.

You should also check the amount of condensation that is building up inside the unit. This can be a major problem which you will need to consider. This is a sign that there might be a problem with the door seals, allowing moisture to sneak through. This can allow mold to start to build-up on your food. Depending on how serious the issue is, you might be able to change the seals yourself. If they are too far gone, it’s best to call in a professional.

Finally, there are a few issues that might occur with the icemaker. The ice maker might be overflowing. This often indicates an issue with the water inlet valve, which means that water is trickling into the ice maker. Check that the water pressure is 20 psi. If it is, the issue will be in the valve. You might need to find and replace it. At other times, you might notice that there is frost inside the ice maker. This is often because the door seal isn’t tight enough, causing excess moisture to get inside the ice maker.

You should investigate if you spot a puddle of water has formed around the fridge. There might be a few possible causes. Something might have spilled in the fridge. This is easy to fix. A more substantial issue is a tear in the water supply line. While you wait for the replacement part to arrive, turn off the water valve, this might be located in the basement.

If you spot one of these issues, there are a few things that you should do. First, you’ll need to check with the owner’s manual. This might give you some clues about how to fix it. If you need to replace a part, there will often be detailed instructions about how to do this.

If it doesn’t solve the problem, you might want to call in a professional. They will be able to examine the fridge and tell you what might be happening. They will usually provide a quote. This will give you a good idea of how much it will cost you to have the problem fixed. You can then decide whether it’s best to repair or replace your fridge.

What Mistakes Shorten the Lifespan of Your Refrigerator?

While we all want to take care of our appliances, there a few ways that we might be accidentally shortening their lifespan. These are some of the most common mistakes that you might want to avoid.

First, you’ll want to make sure that the refrigerator is set to the right temperature. This will keep your food fresher for longer. It will also reduce the amount of work that the fridge needs to do. For example, if your freezer is over 15 degrees Fahrenheit, it might stop the ice machine from working and make it harder for it to defrost properly.

The fridge should be set to at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius). The freezer should be set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 18 degrees Celsius).

Another common issue is overfilling the fridge. When this happens, it places a lot of pressure on the fans, forcing them to work harder to keep everything cool. If you constantly need to cram items into your fridge, it might be time to consider upgrading to a new model.

While you don’t want to put too much into the fridge, you also don’t want to be underfilling it. The items in the fridge are designed to have thermal mass. This means that bigger items will absorb the heat when the door is opened, keeping the fridge cool. Because of this, you might want to stick a few water bottles near the door if you don’t have a lot in the fridge.

Finally, you want to make sure that you’re cleaning up spills as quickly as possible. The longer you wait to clean them up, the harder they will be to remove. Also, these spills might impact the seals in the fridge doors. This might mean that you’ll need to make costly repairs in the future.

How to Dispose of an Old Refrigerator Properly?

If the fridge is at the end of its life, you will need to find a way of getting rid of it. Because of the refrigerants, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve done this properly. This will minimize your environmental impact.

First, you might want to talk to the supplier of the new fridge. They might be able to arrange to remove the old one. In most cases, you’ll just need to pay a small fee, around $50.

If not, you’ll need to arrange to remove the fridge yourself. First, you’ll need to make contact with the local council. Explain the type of fridge you have. Then ask for their advice on the right way of disposing of it. This will usually mean taking it to one of their facilities. Also, make sure that you are preparing it properly. Sometimes you might need to take the doors off.

Once you know what you need to do, you’ll be able to take the refrigerator to the correct location. You can hire a truck to help you move it. You might be able to arrange for your local council to pick it up for you.

How Can You Extend the Life of Your Refrigerator?

Though the average lifespan of your refrigerator might seem limited, there are some easy ways that you can extend it. When done properly, some devices will be able to last for 20 to 30 years. Let’s look at the simple maintenance activities that you’ll need to perform.

First, you’ll need to clean the condenser coils. These are some of the most important components in the refrigerator. They are responsible for delivering the refrigerant around the system, keeping everything cool. When they break down it can lead to big problems. Often, you’ll need to replace the fridge.

Thankfully, you will be able to clean the coils. This will ensure that they can last for a long time. To do this, you’ll need to turn off the fridge. Then, you might need to pull it away from the wall. This will allow you to see a panel at the back, which you’ll need to remove. After this, you should be able to see the condenser coils. The instruction manual will contain more detail on how to access them.

Once you have the coils, you’ll need to take a damp cloth and wipe them down. This will allow you to remove any dirt and grime that has built-up on them. Next, use a vacuum cleaner. This will let you get rid of any excess dirt that might be in the coils. You’ll need to do this every few months, keeping them clean.

You’ll also need to make sure that you’re regularly changing the water filter. This will ensure that you are always getting clean water. An old water filter might also mean that the ice dispenser can get broken. The most important thing to look for is the way the ice cubes are formed. If they start coming out small or have an odd shape, it might be a sign that you need to change the filter.

Thankfully, it will be easier for you to change the filter. In this case, you’ll need to get a compatible filter. You should be able to find this in most stores. You might also be able to get one from the manufacturer. Then, you’ll need to install the filter in the machine. The owner’s manual will tell you how you can do this.

It’s a good idea to make sure that you’re lubricating the door seals. This will ensure that they remain elastic, ensuring that they will be able to close properly. It’s important to check the doors if you notice that there is moisture inside the fridge.

To lubricate the seals, you will need to apply some petroleum jelly. This will protect the integrity of the seal. You might want to do this every few months. If the seal is already cracked, the petroleum jelly might not be effective. Because of this, you might need to purchase and install a replacement seal. Often, you’ll be able to install the seal yourself, rather than needing to call in a professional to do it for you.

You’ll need to check the drain tubes. These are often at the back of the main fridge component. These are meant to drain away any excess moisture. However, they might get blocked up. Because of this, you might find that there is a puddle of water in the fridge.

The simple solution is to fill a turkey baster with warm water and flush it down the tube. This should help break up the blockage, though you might need to do this a few times before you start to see results. Then, remove any excess water. Do this every time that you spot a problem.

Finally, it’s important to check the vents. These are located on the sides and the roof of your fridge. If the vents get blocked it might lead to uneven cooling. Thankfully, this is a fairly easy issue to solve. You just need to be more careful about where you’re putting your food items. Make sure that you don’t put anything over the vent. Make sure that you’re keeping any ties out of the vent.

Final Thoughts

A good fridge should last you for a long time. Most models should last for a minimum of seven years. If you take care of them, they will be able to last for longer. Some have been known to last for 20 to 30 years. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use these tips to keep your fridge running for a long time.

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