What to Consider When Buying Appliances (5 Tips for Durability)

what to consider when buying appliances

When redoing different parts of a house or other living spaces, it is important to ensure the products and items being added are all high quality and durable. What to consider when buying appliances and what about price versus durability?

When looking to buy any new appliance, read real customer reviews, check for warranties, compare prices, check for extra accessories and upgrades, and look for quality materials to ensure that the appliance gives the full value of every dollar spent on it.

Continue reading to learn more about how to find the most durable and high-quality products, or at least be able to choose an appliance that won’t quit on you shortly after you purchase it. No one likes purchasing an item only to have it break. Below is a list of general tips to help you find the best products while shopping.

1. Read Real Appliance Reviews

One of the most important things to do when purchasing something you are unsure of is to read reviews from REAL people who have tried the product. Vague one-sentence reviews could be fake or a paid-for positive review. Reviews are a great way to check if the product actually is as good as it claims to be.

This will also usually give you both the best selling points of the item (people raving about how much they love the product) as well as the worst side of it (customers complaining and warning others not to purchase it). This is very helpful as a customer who is considering purchasing or even comparing two similar products. This will often help clear up any questions you may have about the product. Pros, cons, and things you haven’t considered.

The problem with reading reviews is there are too many fake ones out there that deceive customers into purchasing their product. The best way to overcome this and find the most accurate reviews is by looking at forums found online. Especially forums that are not set up by the company selling that specific product. This is where real people will get on and share their personal experiences about the product and how it is working for them.

Appliance Forums

One of the best forums to find real people sharing their opinions on certain products is Reddit. To find other forums online about specific products, you can search for the product, and adding the word ‘forum’ at the end will likely come up with multiple forums about that product.

Another source of real reviews is found on social media. The trick to finding real people giving honest reviews is keeping the general rule of following smaller social media accounts. The larger the account, the more likely the influencer is getting paid to say good things about the product. Many people will post videos or other social media posts reviewing certain products. Many of these are very helpful and can aid in choosing the best product.

2. Check for Appliance Warranties

Especially when buying expensive appliances for the home, it is very important to check the warranties on the products. Some warranties on appliances only last one month (30 days) from the date of purchase, whereas other products have a 5-10 year or even a lifetime warranty. When comparing different products, it is smart to check how long the warranty will last and what other things are included. If your appliance needs a part fixed or replaced in the future, it is a money saver to have a warranty on the product.

Many consumer advisors say extended warranties are a waste of money. They base this on the general odds that you won’t need to use it. But if you find yourself with an expensive repair soon after your manufacturer’s warranty runs out, well, you may regret not getting extended coverage.

By the way, a crucial part of warranties is what is covered. Will the parts be replaced free? Or the entire appliance? Also, check to see if the actual repair cost is covered because many products back up the parts but won’t pay for the labor to install it. You could get an unexpected bill from a repairman even though the part costs you nothing.

3. Compare Prices

In the world we live in today, product prices can fluctuate greatly. Often, similar products will have completely different prices. It is important to compare and contrast prices before purchasing an appliance. This can save you money on a product that will work just as well as the more expensive version.

One way to save money is to not have to purchase appliances in a hurry. Keep an eye on appliance prices so you don’t have to rush out and buy the first one you see if your refrigerator goes out. That’s one appliance you can’t go long without since you will lose stored food that ends up costing you even more due to replacing those groceries.

Consider used appliances stores as well. Many small shops offer delivery and a warranty, though it will be shorter term than a new appliance in most cases. And if you have one of these refurbished appliance stores near you, ask if they do repairs. Perhaps your old appliance can be fixed at an affordable price.

4. Check for Extra Accessories and Upgrades

To try and earn your business, many companies will create appliances that have more than one use or add accessories to entice the customer into purchasing their product. Compare different appliances to find the ones that offer the most. This can save you money on purchasing separate appliances.

Not to mention save space in your home. Having an air fryer, expresso machined, coffee maker, and toaster can clutter up the kitchen for instance. But with multi-use appliances, your counters are kept neater and cupboards don’t become crowed.

Some of the most modern accessories to appliances include:

  • Smart home adapters
  • Built-in vacuum sealers
  • Speakers
  • Smart devices such as Alexa connections
  • LED screens
  • Bluetooth connection

5. Make Sure Quality Appliance Materials Are Used

When purchasing an appliance, you want to find one that will not die quickly, and one that works as it should. One thing to consider is the material used. Stainless steel will last longer, be more durable, and look nicer than plastic. Many find it easier to keep clean and it resists stains as well.

Tips for Specific Appliances


One specific thing to look for when comparing dishwashers is how efficient it is at draining and cleaning itself, not just the dishes going in. If the dishwasher cleans the dishes, but then you have to spend 30 minutes on your knees cleaning out the gross drain at the bottom, it is not the machine for you.

According to Sears Home Services, the most common dishwasher issue occurs when dishes are not drying. Checking how the dishwasher dries and what services the specific brand offers to clients dealing with drying issues is smart when purchasing a dishwasher.

Clothing Washer and Dryers

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a washer and dryer is if it is a front-load or a top-load. One thing they don’t tell you beforehand is most washers and dryers need to have a “stacking kit”, which is an extra $40-$100 to stack the washer and dryers. It is best to find the correct machines that will fit your needs and physically fit in your laundry room.


One of the biggest things to consider when purchasing a refrigerator is how it is set up. Top freezers are often cheaper than bottom freezers, but they have less freezer space and do not offer the same luxury options as many common bottom freezers. Of course, the most important factor when considering refrigerators is size. Ensure that the appliance will fit in your kitchen before purchasing it.

Modern refrigerators are becoming more and more conducive to exact temperatures in various sections to ensure different foods are kept fresh as possible.


Before purchasing a microwave, also read reviews about the sound. You do not want to be heating up your food in the middle of the night and wake up the whole house. Or even worse, microwaving a snack in the afternoon and the beeping sounds wakes up the napping child! Always check the sound options before purchasing a new microwave.

Microwaves have come a long way and now have features that make quick heat-ups cleaner, quieter, and even better tasting. And with trim kits, mounting your microwave can be done in an attractive fashion as opposed to older mounting methods and is much nicer than taking up room on your counter.

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